In the year 2012 the transformation phase of NV Grassalco was started. By means of an adjusted strategy we clarified who we are, what we stand for and how we wish to realize our business goals.


During this year we worked on the internal reorganization. In the process several projects were prepared, which in the future must contribute to achieving a higher production for company, but which also contribute to the development of society.


The start of the exploitation of crushed stone (the production) and the selling thereof has meanwhile become one of the goals achieved. For this purpose a modern crusher plant was set up in the district of Brokopondo.
We intend to meet the demand for high-quality crushed stone both locally and internationally. One of the advantages of the crushed stone production of N.V. Grassalco compared to other producers is:

  • Considerable costs are saved as no expenses have to be made to extract the material. After all, the material that will be processed to crush stone is extracted during the gold mining process of Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. and as a result is already above the ground.
  • Tests have shown that in this respect good quality material is concerned.
  • The existence of a complete infrastructure in the Rosebel Gold Mines N.V. area. The material only has to be delivered at our crusher location in Royal Hill, after which – after selection is done on the basis of the size of the stones delivered – the material can be further processed.

We bring prosperity to the surface.


Our operational management is based on the following core values:
  • Professionalism
    Achieving a high level of results by full deployment of our capacities.
  • Integrity
    Fair accountability for our work.
  • Leadership
    Say what we believe and do what we say.
  • Efficiency
    Encouraging and promoting innovation, personal and organizational   development.
  • Respect
    Openness, teamwork and mutual respect
  • Commitment
    High level of dedicated motivation.
  • Transparency
    Clarity in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in performing and producing.