We are the only state-owned mining company that falls under the Ministry of Natural Resources. Our mining rights enable us to explore and exploit minerals and ores from the rich Surinamese soil.


NV Grasshopper Aluminum Company, abbreviated NV Grassalco, was founded on 30 August 1971 by the then minister of Development Dr. Ir. Franklin Essed. This was done in cooperation with the then minister of Finance Mr. Harry Radhakishun and the then deputy President of the Central Bank of Suriname Mr. Leo J. Tjon Pian Gi. The goal was to enter into joint ventures with foreign companies for the exploitation of bauxite in the West Suriname area. Also shells and granite would be exploited.


In September 2011 the current CEO, Drs. Sergio Akiemboto, took office. Together with the staff he proposed diversification and expansion of the portfolio of NV Grassalco for the purpose of improving the supply of commodities for both the local and international market. One of the first steps made to substantiate this, was revising the mission and vision.


After this phase a new identity was created with the changes. It was jointly decided to enter the market under the group trademark Grassalco, which became the umbrella trademark for our product trademarks Grassalco Aggregate & Sands and Grasshopper Gold.